Thursday, August 21, 2008

Using the Pantry...

I will admit, I don't cook. The best reason for this is that my husband is a professional chef and I cannot compare (trust me on this one, his boxed mac and cheese tastes better than mine!). However, we are going to hang out with some friends and are taking an appetizer along. Steve has class so I volunteered to make the appetizer. After a long silence and deep breath he agreed that this was okay.


Now, in an attempt to stay out of the store and stick to the challenge I have been reviewing our food situation. There are things in our pantry that I have never heard of before and then there are the everyday items. There are also the "sometimes" items like cupcake wrappers and ginger candies.

After a search of the pantry I realized there is enough stuff in there for several different appetizers and none of them will take away from our regular daily menu. I am so excited. Who knew that those shelves had "extra" stuff on them!?!

I am once again reminded that we as a family have more than enough. We are not struggling to eat. What a great blessing to not only eat but have more than enough and be able to share it with friends.

The Challenge

So, go to the kitchen and take a look. Do you have extras? Are there items that you know you aren't going to use that you could share with others? Clean out that pantry! Plan a meal with neighbors or friends. If you don't feel like doing that, please take your nonperishable items to your local food pantry. There are plenty of families that would be happy to have your extras!

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Becky Boggs said...

I have been doing this for the last month -- and apart from adding a few fresh veggies and salad I have bought very little at the grocery. It is amazing what I have on my shelves and in the freezer!