Friday, August 8, 2008

From Good to Bad...

So maybe I am not a big fan of this fast. I went from feeling somewhat euphoric about it to being almost sad.

There are some things that our family loves doing together. From February - October we do baseball. Pitchers and catchers report, spring training games all the way through the world series. Steve is a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. And, our son will be too, this will be one area where he will have little choice in the matter.

That being said it is a big weekend. The Cardinals versus the Cubs in Chicago and we can walk to Wrigley Field. To top it all off someone we know has tickets for Sunday night and offered to sell them to us and offered up free baby-sitting. I came >this close< to justifying this purchase. "Steve and I could use a date night." "We haven't seen the Cardinals play all season." "Steve deserves the break from homework" (don't you like how I make it all about him!). It was not to be. I said no and stuck to it (reluctantly).

So what have I learned:

-I can say no. Not only can I say no I can say it politely and without putting anyone off.

-Steve is an optimist. When I told him his response was "I have homework to do Sunday nite." Way to keep things in perspective!

-There will always be other games. Sometimes I forget that the rush of excitement I feel about something is just a feeling.

The Rest of the Weekend

So instead of the game, what will we do? Well, I can almost guarantee the game will be watched. We also have small group that night and we will really enjoy seeing our friends after last weeks break. The time will be well spent and the game, well, GO CARDS!

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