Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Answer is not always Yes!

One of the goals of our financial fast is to spend some additional time focusing on what God is doing. Besides additional time praying as a family I have also spent my morning commute doing some additional Bible reading. In an attempt to keep our goals front and center I wanted to share with you some things I have learned.

This week I have been reading about Solomon building the Temple. The Temple was amazing. If you have never read about the beauty of the Temple pick up a Bible and read 1 Kings 5 - 9, you won't be disappointed!

Sometimes the answer is No!

However, what really struck me is what happened before the Temple was built. Initially David wanted to build the Temple. God told David no, but told him that his son, Solomon, would be responsible for building the Temple.

1 Kings 8:17-21

17 "My father David had it in his heart to build a temple for the Name of the LORD, the God of Israel. 18 But the LORD said to my father David, 'Because it was in your heart to build a temple for my Name, you did well to have this in your heart. 19 Nevertheless, you are not the one to build the temple, but your son, who is your own flesh and blood—he is the one who will build the temple for my Name.'

20 "The LORD has kept the promise he made: I have succeeded David my father and now I sit on the throne of Israel, just as the LORD promised, and I have built the temple for the Name of the LORD, the God of Israel. 21 I have provided a place there for the ark, in which is the covenant of the LORD that he made with our fathers when he brought them out of Egypt."

With the completion of the Temple God fulfilled his promise to David.

Waiting for an Answer

Sometimes God says no, wait, I promise I have something else in mind. If God can tell David to wait and then faithfully fulfill His promise even after David's death, then why do I have such a hard time accepting that God does the same for me?

Our time spent fasting is about waiting. Waiting to fill our own desires, even if they are good ones like David's desire for the Temple, and faithfully listening to God. Right now we are waiting and I am encouraged that God will fulfill his promise to be faithful to our family, just as He was to David.

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