Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Word on Fasting...

Part of our commitment to this financial fast is to grow closer to God. We have taken the time to research biblical fasting and want to share some of those thoughts with you.

Fasting from Food

-Biblical fasting is almost always associated with giving up food (Matthew 4:2).
-The word used in the New Testament (nestis) translated literally means not to eat

We believe from our reading that a true biblical fast involves giving up food in some way and replacing those eating times with personal prayer and time with God as demonstrated in scripture.

So why use the word fast now?

The idea of a fast is to give up something that sustains you and seek God earnestly. This is what we are trying to accomplish. Giving up the activities/money that we think sustain us and seek God by praying, serving and reflecting.

We are in no way trying to replace a biblical fast with this financial fast.

Read up on fasting

If you are interested is fasting we would encourage you to read through scriptural examples of fasting. Here are some scriptures that talk about fasting or where fasting is found as part of a biblical event:

Judges 20:26--Israel fasted for victory in war.
1 Sam. 1:6-7--Hannah fasted for a son
1 Sam. 7:6--Israel fasted in repentance
2 Sam. 1:12--David and his men fasted in mourning for Saul, Jonathan, and the fallen of Israel
2 Sam. 12--David fasted for mercy upon his child
1 Kings 21:27--Ahab fasted for mercy
Ezra 8:21-23--Ezra and the people fasted for help and protection
Nehemiah 1:4--Nehemiah fasted in mourning and for help upon Jerusalem
Nehemiah 9:1,2--Israel fasting in mourning and repentance
Esther 4:16--Esther and friends fasted for victory
Isaiah 58:6-8--The fast which pleases God
Joel 1:14; 2:12,15--God commanded fasting and repentance
Jonah 3:5--The Ninevites fasted in repentance for mercy
Daniel 9:3--Daniel fasted for wisdom
Matthew 4:2--Jesus fasted when tempted in the wilderness
Matthew 9:14-15--Jesus said his disciples would fast
Luke 2:37--Fasting was part of Anna's service to God
Acts 13:2--Fasting was part of the ministry of the workers at Antioch
Acts 13:3--Ordination was accompanied by fasting
2 Cor. 6:5--Fasting was one way Paul approved himself as a minister of Jesus Christ
2 Cor. 11:27--Paul fasted often

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