Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And we're back!

After a few days of not updating I am back in full force. As a family we have just been busy. Friday was game night, Saturday we were all home together all day, Sunday was church and then the week was off and running.

During our time together we have spent some time reviewing our "normal" budget and also finishing up a book on values (Never Mind the Joneses by Tim Stafford). As a family we live what we would consider pretty simply. We enjoy being together as a family, eating meals together and just being a part of the local happenings in our neighborhood. However, we could live simpler. We could ditch the TV, scale back our cell phone plan and even cut back on entertainment.

To Cut Back or Not to Cut Back?

Why don't we? The simple answer is we don't want to and we don't have to. That sounds a bit selfish and it is. There are some things that we are privileged to be able to have or do. It becomes selfish when we want "our stuff" over being able to give generously to others, participate in our community and serve God.

The idea of this fast is to draw closer to God by giving up some of those extras. It has helped. We are able to see where we spend our money and see where we could be more active in giving generously, participating and above all our service and relationship with God. There are some things in our lives that we are being more intentional about and honestly, we aren't missing the extras near as much as we thought we would.

Be Intentional

So, take a look at the extras in your budget. Are there things that control you? Would you be wiling to give up those things if it meant being able to serve God with all your heart? Can you be more intentional about putting God first?

Luke 12:34
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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